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MemoLeaf Major Features

Work with Palm Desktop

There is no need to re-input all your memos in order to use MemoLeaf. Once you have installed MemoLeaf, you can immediately enjoy the power of lightning fast searching functions and experience the ease of finding information with your existing memos.


MemoLeaf is fully compatible with Palm OS's built-in MemoPad or Memos. It fully supports memo categories, global find, memo beaming and memo sending.

Powerful Searching

MemoLeaf supports a number of memo search modes and preferences. Firstly, fundamental search by Lookup, Find or Lookup Start With. Secondly, advanced search by multiple keywords, date time stamp, refinement by searching on the search result or pre-defined keys from the key bank. Thirdly, user defined search scope on specific categories only. Furthermore, it provides preference settings on case and accent sensitivities.

Reminder Alarm

MemoLeaf can pop-up reminder memos at your specified date and time. Hence, apart from setting appointment alarms under DateBook, MemoLeaf can help reminding on important actions and information at the right time.

Key Bank

Key Bank is a great place where you can store, manage and recall frequently used keys. It can make life easier as you can save much time entering keys for creating, searching and editing memos. Frequently used keys can be kept under different tabs for handy recall.

It would not be painful to build your own Key Bank. MemoLeaf can actively search for these frequently used keys by means of auto scanning memo titles in the entire database. Furthermore, found keys will be ranked according to their occurrences. Thus a full-blown Key Bank will be ready to serve you within minutes.

Enhanced Sorting

Undoubtedly, memos can be kept sorted in either ascending or descending order, it also supports manual memo ordering as well. With 4 different ordering options, there is no restriction on how memos are ordered.

Mail Memo

Memo can now be sent out directly. MemoLeaf will copy the memo, call up the mail application and prepare the email. Simply add the recipient email address, the email is ready to be sent out.

Alternate Font

Switching between fonts can be done quickly. Depending on individual preferences, font size or weight can be altered with a couple of taps or key presses.

Security on Private Memos

Working on private memos cannot be made ever easier. Marking a number of memos private or instant switching between privacy modes are facilitated. You may have peace in mind with the full protection support of private memos.

Home Memo

Total 6 startup options are available. MemoLeaf 5 has added the new concept of Home Memo. Once a Home Memo has been assigned and the corresponding startup mode has been chosen, the Home Memo will be brought up automatically right after MemoLeaf starts.

Startup Options

MemoLeaf comes with various startup options. All together 6 options. MemoLeaf can now startup with 1) Blank - a blank list, 2) Search Again - perform Lookup or Find again with the key, 3) Show All - show all memos under the current category, 4) Recent List - bring up the recent memo list, 5) Key Bank - pop up the Key Bank and 6) Home Memo - a user selected memo.

Line Sorting

No matter it is a name list, item list or wish list, memo contents can be sorted in alphabetical order within a second. Finding duplicates or searching for names will no longer be a difficult task any more.

Basic Calculation

Everyone needs to do some simple calculations everyday. However, it is quite unlikely that we need a spreadsheet to get the job done. MemoLeaf is your smart pencil and paper that can do the basic calculation. Total of numbers found in a memo can be automatically calculated.

Revert to Original

Due to the limited capabilities of the built-in undo feature, memo text could be deleted accidentally as it was quite likely that some changes could no longer be reversed. It really causes some unpleasant experiences to most of the Palm OS users.

MemoLeaf has prepared a safety net by retaining a copy of the original memo before you start editing a memo. No matter how many changes have been made, the original memo is right at the back to keep your mind with peace.

Speed Key

Frequently used keys kept under individual Key Bank tab can be further selected as Speed Keys. Quite similar to using Speed Dial on a mobile phone, speed keys can be recalled by a single digit Speed No. or picked from a pop-up list. In other words, performing search on these favorite keys could be dramatically reduced to 2 taps or 2 strokes only.

Speed Function

Similar to the idea of Speed Key, speed function can be recalled by a single letter. No more than 2 strokes or 2 keys, the function is ready to serve immediately.

Add Key to Memo Titles

Memos without keywords or having inconsistent keywords can be handled with ease. Common key can be added to group memos effectively.

Memo Selection

MemoLeaf may further let user select the target memos out of all memos under a search result. All search result (multiple memos) based operations support this new working mode. Simply check those memos and MemoLeaf will restrict the operation onto these selected memos only. It is so intuitive that managing memos has never been made that easy.

Memo Templates

Frequently used memo contents can be defined as memo templates for recurring duplication. In addition, customized date time stamps, serial numbers, day/week number counts could be added to the memo templates as Auto Fields as well. Then whenever a new memo is created from the memo template, all embedded auto fields would be replaced with proper values automatically.

Auto Fields in Key Bank

Full set of auto fields can be used in Key Bank as well. Date stamps, serial number, dynamic reference number can be inserted to memos without additional effort.

Advanced Search

More complex memo searching criteria can be expressed. MemoLeaf can interprets the logical relation among specified keywords. The searching can be performed in a way that individual keywords can either be regarded as mandatorily or optionally required. The advanced search feature is ready to serve whenever you need it. It is powerful, but never slow.

Global Replace

Like all common word processors, MemoLeaf now supports the global find and replace function. Replacing text in a single memo, memos under a category or even all memos in database can be performed within a few taps. No more tedious cut and paste operations to rename memo keys. MemoLeaf will take up the duty and do the text replacement job effectively.

Display Variations

A number of new display options had been implemented. Both editing memo and the result list can now be viewed in all 4 standard system fonts, plus 4 extra tiny fonts. Furthermore, MemoLeaf also hopes to meet the needs of left handed users as well. All scroll bars can be put on the left side of the screen.

Sharing Memos and Keys

All memos and Key Bank keys managed under MemoLeaf can be saved or loaded to/from a standard Palm document. Firstly, these features offer the greatest flexibility to perform personal backup and restore on these valuable data. Secondly, it opens up a way to share memos and keys among all Palm users.

Multiple Lines Memo Title

This feature pushes the boundary a bit further. The memo title can now go beyond the first line of the memo. If you need more room to describe your memos, you may further utilize the second, or even the third line of the memo. All memo lookups will cater for your desired scope of the memo title.

Active Categories

It is not a must to perform memo search on all categories as a whole. If you would like to restrict the search scope on some categories, MemoLeaf can simply focus on your selected active categories only. It yields a better search result in a shorter time.

Date Time Stamps

MemoLeaf allows you to keep track on the memo's creation date and modification date. Apart from finding memos by keywords, you may now enjoy the flexibility of finding memo by dates. It is a just few taps away to see all memos that you have ever created within the day or recalling memos that you have modified on a specific date.

Memo of The Day

Have you ever think of reading "Word of the Day", "Quote of the Day", "Joke of the Day" with your Palm? MemoLeaf would help to pick you a random memo everyday. A random memo a day can effective give you reminders on something that you want to remember.

Search On Result

Based on a search result, a refined search can be performed upon request. It helps to apply additional keyword(s) freely such that the search result can be further filtered.






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