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NewOrder Major Features


NewOrder is an ideal tool to help you manage product catalogs, prepare new orders and keep track on issued orders. You no longer need a notebook PC and wait a few minutes to see the mouse pointer appears on the screen. Your Palm is always ready to serve you in seconds.

You can prepare orders right at the place you need it. It would be easy to capture your client's needs immediately without getting back to the office. It would be easy to replenish consumables accurately when you are reviewing the stock. It would be easy to verify those delivered items effectively as you always have the placed order details on hand.

If you need to place different orders to suppliers in a regular basis, NewOrder can let you work even more efficiently. Perhaps, NewOrder can bring new order to your life.


A typical product catalog can be regarded as a list of products available for our selection when placing an order. Items within a catalogs are classified into categories and subcategories. NewOrder gives you the flexibility to organize items in a sensible and practical way.


Each item comes with four basic information, namely, Description, Item Number, Price and Quantity.

You can store a number of catalogs in your Palm and for each catalog it can hold a number items. Instead of dealing with paper order form, you have everything you need in your Palm to make an order.


Based on a catalog, required items from the catalog can be selected by specifying the required quantities accordingly. Once you have prepared an order, you can further export the order to memo or email so that it helps you further submit your order to the supplier.

Exporting Orders

NewOrder provides two ways for exporting prepared orders. Firstly, prepared order can be exported as a memo stored in Palm's Memos. After you have performed a HotSync, the order text can be accessed through the Palm Desktop software. In this way, you can further transfer the order text to any other applications (e.g. Microsoft Word) with copy and paste operations.

Secondly, prepared can be exported as a mail stored in Palm's Mail/VersaMail outbox. You can further send the prepared order email instantly if your Palm is already connected or via your connected desktop PC after HotSync.

Depending on the actual practice, if you need some touchups on the order text before sending to your supplier, exporting to memo can give your more flexibility in adding text formatting and supplementary information to the final order.


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